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A La Carte Services.

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Owner-Operators / Investor-Owners
Put your guests in trusted hands.
Recruiting: A campground is only as good as the people who work there. We use a dynamic recruiting process to source, identify and attract the industry's best.
On-boarding: There is no impression like a first impression. Our tried and true on-boarding processes sets clear expectations from the onset.
Scheduling: Easily track team member schedules, minimize over-staffing and reduce time spent calculating payroll. All, of course, seamlessly integrated with your campground's payroll.
A campground's numbers tell a story. What's yours?
Monthly Financial Analysis & Reporting: Your numbers are only as good as what you make of them. Let us get into the weeds to identify opportunities for growth and improvement.
Valuation & Buy / Sell Analysis: With over $3B of transaction experience, we know real estate, and we know what it's worth. Let us work with you to identify the value of your campground.
Revenue Management: Campground revenue management starts with your campground's rate structure (how much you charge your guests per night). A responsive pricing strategy offers the flexibility to adjust rates based on the demand for your sites.
Accounting, Bill Pay & Payroll: Campground accounting, bill pay & payroll are about as fun as campground accounting, bill pay & payroll. Let us take those off your plate.
Property Improvement Plans: Keep your campground relevant to today's guests, and plan for the guests of tomorrow. We identify high-value opportunities for your campground - from specific amenities to the addition of sites to accommodate your excess demand.
Retail Store Optimization: There is a reason "that shirt" didn't sell. Great campground stores can account for 20% or more of your campground's total revenue. We use a data-based approach to identify items your guests will buy so that you don't end up buying those they won't. Your campground's store should not be an afterthought.
On-Site Marketing: From site signage to our interactive guest communication tools, we'll get your guests engaged.
We create destinations that guests can't wait to come back to.
Professional campground management is different.
Digital Marketing & SEO: Who's a happy camper? No one if they don't know about your campground. Let us help get your campground discovered with targeted, data-based marketing. From paid digital ads (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads), to highly engaging email campaigns and SEO, we've got you covered.
Customer & Market Segmentation Analysis: How well do you really know your guests? Where are they coming from? How long do they actually stay with you? We change "I think's" to "I know's".
Business Planning: What do you call a business without a plan? A hobby. Let's define your key objectives and put a plan in place to achieve them. There's no time like the present. Let's get to work.
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7/day week support: When you work with us, we are readily available. 7 days a week. 52 weeks a year.
Feasibility Study: Deciding whether to buy a specific campground? Thinking about building a campground? Let us help you figure out if that makes sense.
Tax Deductible: Sorry, Uncle Sam. Our services can be paid for in pre-tax dollars.
We can't wait to work with you.
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